Joel Dircks: 2013 North American Strongman Championships

Joel Dirks

In a contest displaying brute strength, Endevr athlete Joel Dircks, competed in the North American Strongman National Championships in Gatinaeu, Quebec, Canada over Labor Day weekend.  Dircks, entered the three-day competition hampered by two herniated discs in his back, which severely limited his deadlift power. Joel stated, My back felt decent during the contest, no pain, just limited power.

As the crowd cheered on, Joel Dircks gained ground in the standings by winning the log incline by completing 17 repetitions of 300 lbs. Overall though Joel stated, I had four really good events, and 5 not so great events. Overall Joel ended up 9th out of 12 athletes. The overall winner of the competition was Canadian Jean-Francois Caron.

Joel will continue to train/compete in order to move closer to his personal goal: To one day hold the title of the strongest man in the world.



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